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March 28, 2007, 05:47 PM
As many of you know I've been struggling for years to get out of my j.o.b. The few side projects I've started have generated some nice extra cash, but not nearly enough to replace a steady income.

Last year I began transitioning into Real Estate part time, sold my own home and have closed one other deal (2 more in the works though including a contract I'm submitting today).

OK enough background, I want to saturate "farm" my neighborhood to become THE go to Realtor there. It's a very new area (in fact only about half built), so I won't get much immediate results, but I want to establish myself before someone else does in the area. The neighborhood is "Cortessa" in the far West Phoenix area, so I've created a neighborhood website for starters: http://www.cortessaonline.com
I also plan to do some direct mail to the neighborhood once I start making some $$$.

Any other ideas, or suggestions to improve the website, or to market myself in this area? I've thought of sponsoring a neighborhood block party or some type of event at some point, a monthly newsletter (that could also promote my other businesses - and sell ads...?). Mostly I want to make the website as good as I possibly can for right now.

- Todd
My Neighborhood: http://www.cortessaonline.com

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