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Duane Adolph
April 9, 2007, 02:13 AM
Hi Ankesh,

Your original question dealt with becoming rich. As you probably guessed, I'm fascinated not so much with the Individual techniques of money generation, but more so the Mindset of truly successful people.

That said, I was instantly reminded of a passage I had read about Richard Branson and what HE would do when his company was "Cash Strapped" (whatever that really means for Branson). Not An exact match to your challenge, however I figured it would be wise to peak inside the mind of a "RICH" person since that was the End Result of the challenge right :->

"When Branson's Firms ran out of cash he EXPANDED instead of cutting back,
which is the conventional wisdom. To escape from chaos create more chaos.
The problem is often lost in the resolution. Branson's approach appears to be a bit foolhardy but it is the path to power for those with the intestinal fortitude to live life on the edge. As I tell my class, Tattoo Spider-Man on your psyche and attempt to fly across steep precipices and sometimes you just might make it." (pg 30 of 246 The Superman Syndrome Dr. Gene Landrum)

I have heard Dan Kennedy Mention a similar attitude when asked what he would do different when times were "BLEAK". Dan answered something to the effect that he would be working on TWO plans.

Plan #1 would be taking care of the current pressing need. BUT

PLAN #2 was to be working on a BIG, JUICY Plan that REALLY got him Excited.

So A BIG Part of your challenge would be to Ignite Your Imagination. Form a BIG HUGE Juicy Picture of A PERFECT End Result (Like Gordon Mentioned Get Clear).

I mean if you are gonna think...

"THINK BIG...Live LARGE" Donald Trump

Everyone reading this can sort of "benchmark" where their answer stacks up in terms of similarities or differences to some these "Rich" people

Just a thought...


I know this question (or a variation of it) has been asked quite a few times on Sowpub. But I don't remember it being asked on the new Sowpub forum...

So here goes:

What would you do to make more money if all you had was $100?

Should get some creative juices flowing.

(Question updated from "What would you do to become rich if all you had was $100?")

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