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April 6, 2007, 07:47 PM
That Easy and I may due I get a product and get stamps and write a great ad and send it to a list. I can do that for less that $100. You might have to jv for some of the items but It can be done.

I once got a list of taxpayers that owed money and sent an ad to the list for less that $100. I pay $26 for the list. Wrote a letter with the headline. I will get your out of the grip of the IRS for $90.00. People could believe I do for that little they always gave me more money than the $90. I don't do it for less than $300 now.

I may do that again for the list if I run out of money, and not make money iwth my Pictures or doing a joint venture with my client in Avon product sales.

If you have any good products to sell I like to hear from you. I have 22 ways to sell products and I even wrote a 60 ways to sell products. Finding good products is not easy. Selling it is not easy. But you have to test test and test. And I know how to do it cheap. Never make more than one protype when you have a product. Don't get a inventory until you know you have sells. I am listening to Mr E. Joseph Cossman course again. He was smart in these ways. So is Melvin Powers and Jim Straw. But for my money E. Joseph cossman and his son are number 1. Jim Staw number 2 and Melvin Power number 2. They are both about equal.

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