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September 7, 2006, 07:00 PM
HI Dien,

Great to see the forum back up, though I have "lurked since it moved over, indeed I pointed it out to Lynn Terry on her blog, on the post where she mentioned she missed Jason Cain... aka "goldblogger" :D
Jason.. I had missed your postings too.. but knew you would post several when ya did pop out from where you were.. (judging by the "kinky" post... I hope thats NOT where you've been!!) :eek:
(I tried to get in touch with you to Jason)

Back to topic..

Dien, great to see you back, missed the more "lightheartedness" of the SOWpub.. You have done a good job and deserve the pat on the back for doing it.. Must have been a wrench for you after all theat time.
Nice to see the logo back uop the top too.. :)

Though I have to admit I have'nt posted half as much as I would like.. as a mod on a few big forums it can be a "time chewer", but I like to think I will at least "get off the fence" a bit more from now. :)

As Lynn said, I agree with the sections, I think if you set up the "forums sections" now you will save some hassle further down the line, so it would pay to get them up sooner than later I would say.

As for any suggesstions.. Going along the "pub" theme of your domain...

Main forum....

"Inspirational and motivational" <as it says
"hotsheets" <It IS part of what your forum is known for
"FaQ" <most common questions, even newbie ones.

After hours......

"The bar" <the off topic room
"The pool room" <Intersting yet different, games etc, viral
"The conference room" <Mastermind room, for registered members.
"The hallway" <Post your business cards on the wall.. share
skills, barter room..

Hope that helps...just some ideas.

Take care, great to see you all,


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