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Millard Grubb
July 23, 2007, 07:27 AM
I'll have to admit it... Sometimes I can be TOO MUCH of a tightwad. And with that, I'll also have to admit my thinking is changing.

My depression-era grandparents raised me right in the heart of rural America where every dollar had to stretch and clothes had to be handed down.

So, I have looked for ways to inexpensively get leads, jobs done, and the like.

There is no problem saving money, yet, I have made the most money and impact with a personal touch. Whether I have just met someone and started talking or sent an expensive package..... BOTH methods have worked for me.

I would ponder that as long as the results bring good profits, does it matter what it costs as long as you have the money to bring the profits in?

And that's the sticky part.... Knowing that if you send 100 packages that CANNOT be ignored to local businesses, but not having the cash to send the 100 packages. Ha! A friend of mine sent just 20 HIGH IMPACT packages to local businesses and made $50,000, PLUS started a new career.

Food for thought.


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