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Dien Rice
August 7, 2007, 01:15 AM
But as I talked with her and Grandpa, I realized once again, that money is not the end...It helps make life easier and you've gotta have it to help others....

But the people you love, and the relationships you've developed make far more for you that headlines, or offers, or knockout adword techniques.
Hi Millard,

I agree with you wholeheartedly... The "financial" aspect is only one part of life. If you have that, and nothing else, your life is still "unbalanced"...

Gordon Alexander has talked in the past about the "5 paths of life". The 5 paths of life are the mental (your mind and intelligence), social (family and friends), spiritual (no need to explain), physical (both your own physical health, as well as the physical world around you), and financial (money money money)...

While money and finances are very important, it is only one part. I agree with this general view - you need all the different parts to lead a happy, balanced, and fulfilled life...

Thank you for sharing, Millard, and thanks for listening... I hope things go well for you and your folks...

(My mother passed away a few years ago, so I know how difficult it can be when someone is ill... I think one of the most important things with your loved ones, is making sure that they know you love them, both through your words and actions...)

- Dien

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