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August 7, 2007, 03:49 AM

Thanks for mentioning the 5 Paths.

My disagreement is with the Spiritual Path. Without knowing What You Mean by it, but Assuming the usual Higher Power Deity Thing (God, Allah, Krishna, Great Green Arkleseizure, whatever), I don't think this is necessary for us.

I am ANTI-religion because they have a tendency to create dependencies, slave/master something for nothing situations, and actually diminish a person's natural Striving mechanisms. They prey on the weak minded and foster more of the same unthinkingness. But wrap it up in Feel Good Duplicity Fantasy. And that's just for Starters.

There are nincompoop Muslims that blow themselves up. Catholic priests molesting children. And the Millions that have been Murdered in the name of Religion.

Some will say Not to blame a religion for things done in its name. But I AM blaming. For it is the religion that Fosters that behavior and turns a blind eye to it. Religions are the most Intolerant things going. And they are ALL cults.

So to me, scratch that Path off the list. And encourage people to be strong off their own bat and take responsibility of their own.

Now, to the other stuff about Passing Parents...

Making sure someone Knows you love them with your actions is Tough. It's tough because you don't know what actions THEY take to mean is an act of love. Ask any five year old if they think mom or dad loves them, while they walk away with a sore bot from getting a Whack for doing something dangerous.

Does the teenager take the parent's Advice as coming from Love or just trying to Rule/Ruin Their Life and Control them?

What actions does the Child deem to be Caring and Loving and what actions does the Parent deem to be Caring and Loving. Sometimes the actions and deemings of those actions do not match, but neither of the parties knows.

21 months ago when my father died (let the Doctors have their way and kill him slowly - don't get me started, grrrrr :mad: ), I found, oddly, something of previous somewhat insignificance was suddenly quite important, to me. And that was... Photos... of my dad. Plain old photos.

So my small two cents, for what it's worth is,

make sure you have plenty of photos of your loved ones.

Once they are gone, you can't get any more.

But enough of this melancholy,

Ross Out (of this thread)...

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