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October 17, 2007, 10:16 AM
Todd, a question?

Where do people in your area take their kids for BIRTHDAYS? Is there a Chucky Cheese? A BOWLING alley that specializes in kid birthday parties? An "amusement" or "game" center?

Let me tell you about the Parade of Life.

Do you think that people are going to QUIT having children? Or a different way...are your elementary schools getting packed? As a realtor you KNOW one of the things parents look for is the school system and KID type stuff...like parks, recreation, sports, etc. Right?

Here's an example for you to BRAINSTORM about...in West Palm Beach FL there is an amusement/game center that caters to KID's birthday parties...specifically, boys and girls about 10 years old.

They "close" and lock the doors for the party...the party has EXCLUSIVE use of the facility...all the games are free...they have the pizza shop down the street deliver pizza's, they serve pop (soda for you non midwesterners)...and the party is 90 minutes or 2 hours...mostly, 90 minutes.

They are BOOKED solid for the next year.

My point. There is an ENORMOUS amount of money being spent...and there are TONS of people, like a Millard Grubb or Dan Butler magician for example, who offer services to these Kid's parties.

Why NOT have your first publishing effort focused in that direction? You won't lack for finding advertisers... make the first edition "Valley" specific, so that allows you to expand across Phoenix when it grows prosperous.

KIDS are the best suppliers of information...ask the 10 year olds in your neighborhood and their parents, where they go, what they do and what kind of party they would like. I'd stick with "tweens"...9,10,11 year olds...and spend an HOUR researching this "industry" in the valley...

And see if there is the potential there, that I think could be...OK?

Pull out the yellow pages, look up birthday parties, ask around, chances are you probably have sold homes to families with kids (have you ever considered offering a FREE birthday party to your customers?)...

And I bet you a donut, you'd find some great advertisers for your:

"West VALLEY Party News"

I bet you can think of many ADVERTISERS that would love to get in your twice a month HOT newsletter on Parties for kids.

Just brainstorming here Todd...good luck in your venture.

Gordon Jay Alexander

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