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October 17, 2007, 09:52 PM
I'll give myself much more than an hour of research! I'm hoping to get a mock-up done by the end of the month. I will need to crunch numbers to find out my total start-up and ongoing costs - and what I can charge. My goal is to have at least 10 - 12 distribution places, legal forms for advertising, rates, website and everything ready to get a first issue out at the beginning of 2008 (and of course grow larger from there).

Thanks for some great ideas. I'm considering a monthly giveaway on the website to drive traffic there (additional links, coupons, etc online), and maybe a referral gift for businesses that refer other businesses to me for advertising.

I love the "West Valley Party" idea - thanks Gordon! I want to get upcoming family events, concerts and such, some crosswords, soduku, (time passing stuff for those in waiting areas, restaurants etc.), and then of course coupons and money saving ads. Kind of a cross between Coffee News and a local Entertainment Book specifically for families with kids!

(Sowpub never ceases to amaze, eh?) <---- You got that right Rod!

Thanks again, and feel free to keep the ideas coming!

- Todd
Arizona's Family Realtor (http://www.arizonasfamilyrealtor.com)

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