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November 17, 2007, 06:07 PM
I've discovered a way to get MOST of the buyers of my Business Reports to "Stop Requesting Refunds"!

I sell "Info" products..."ways to start a business" or "ways to make money".

It has always frustrated me to get a "Request For Refund"...AFTER I've spent Time and Money...
.....putting the info-product together
.....advertising for prospects
.....sending my "Sales" info to inquiries
.....sending my product to those who order

....only to have some of them "Request A Refund"!

AND...what REALLY "Frosts My Fisterous" is when the materials they return to me....are COPIES of my Originals!

(How do I know they are "copies"? Because my Originals are in FULL COLOR. The stuff that's returned to me is "BLACK INK"!)

So....I proceeded to use my "years of experience in Sales and Marketing and "the Psychology of How to Get People to Do MY bidding"....and...after MUCH "Trial and Error".....


.....and I'm curious about 2 things from you folks this beautiful Fall weekend;

1) Is this topic of interest to you....who sell "Info-Products"? Do YOU get "requests for Refunds"?

2) What Price would you be willing to pay for "Info" that would "Stop 96% of your Requests for Refund?"

Please....I'm ONLY looking for responses from people who ACTUALLY....."Sell"... "Info"!

Thank you,

Don Alm
"53 Ways To Make Money From Home"

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