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January 13, 2008, 09:27 PM

Thanks for bringing this to light.

This is a Deeper issue than just a lap top. There are very real Health Issues due to Electromagnetism - and not in a good way.

One lady had suffered from sever headaches for years. She'd wake up with them and spend the first few hours of her day trying to get them gone. She tried new pillows, taking medications, and nothing worked. She Heard about electromagnetism and had a Test done. Turns out her Bedside Clock Radio was emitting High Doses. She got rid of her Mains Powered Clockradio and replaced it with a AA battery Powered clock and her headaches disappeared never to return.

A family had a child. From the moment the child was home it had broken sleep. Sometimes it awoke with a headache. Sometimes not. Restless. Irritable. Grumpy. Insomnia. But when away from home it slept well. An electromagnetism test revealed the Hotwater System was putting out heaps. It was on the other side of the child's bedroom wall and the child's bed was against that wall. They moved her bed to the other side of the room and all Issues disappeared. They now had a normal happy child that slept - the child was 8 by the time they discovered this.

Houses Claimed to be haunted by ghosts always test High for electromagnetism - even old Haunted Castles. Thus explaining the electromagnetism is causing people to Feel the presence of others, even when such a presence is not there - and to see things too, for some individuals.

Other unnoticed electromagnetic sources include electric blanket and heater for a water bed. Even if the blanket itself is Off, unless it is off at the wall there is electromagnetic issues.

It is well documented the Health Issues of people living near High Power Transmission Lines. And how moving away from those lines improves their health and quality of life - less irritable, sleep better, etc.

Scientific Experiments have been done where subjects are subjected to electromagnetism. They report, feeling the presence of an entity, sometimes of being touched, of being held in place unable to move, of hearing things... all while they sit in an isolation room by themselves and observed through an observation window. (Much the same as those who say they have been visited by ghosts or by aliens.)

Michael Ross

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