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Dien Rice
January 15, 2008, 09:13 AM
Hi Dien...

And anyone else that's Using a Laptop that might be a little Concerned...

Any thoughts on the following...

I was reading up on backup Laptop power supplies and came across this kinda Scary topic...

Usually it's just about being careful with Over Heating fans in your Laptops... Never about frying anything else but your Laptops...

I'm sure we've all heard all about Cell Phones and Electromagnetic radiation dangers...

But it's Probably Best to keep our Laptop's away from those Private areas... :)

Definitely something to Know more about and be Aware of...

A Good Controversial subject for Hotsheets... Upselling products that can Protect those Private areas... ;)

The post and comments are from awhile back But some interesting Food for thought...

Just some basic reading and video's...

Who really knows on How Technology will affect us all in Future years...
Thanks Phil... It's an important issue!

I pretty much exclusively use a laptop nowadays... (I don't even own a working "desktop" computer at present.) I find the portability of a laptop computer very convenient...

However, I never put it directly on my lap! One reason is the heat - people have been known to get burns from laptops if they're running "hot". Also, it's not very comfortable.

I almost always (99% of the time) use a regular desk or table, and just put my "laptop" on the desk or table. However, for those few times (1% of the time or probably less) when I want to use my computer, but I know I won't have a desk or table, I use what's called a "Lap Desk"...

Here's a picture


I have the "Jumbo Lap Desk" which you can see on this page (it's the 4th item down)... http://www.lapdesk.com/products.jsp

However, I find using a real desk or table more comfortable! But using a "Lap Desk", while not as good as a "real" desk, is much better than putting it directly on your lap, I find...

I don't know what the effects of the EM radiation could be (that's more of a medical question), but I think it's always good to be cautious!

Electromagnetic radiation obeys what's called an "inverse square law"... In regular English, it means that if you double the distance you are from the radiation source, the power dosage you get from radiation will reduce to 1/4th. In practice, that means that even moving a small distance away can have a significant effect.


So, let's say your "private areas" are 3 inches away from the laptop. Well, if you increase that to 4.5 inches away, your "dose" of electromagnetic radiation will be 44% of what it was (or 56% less). If you increase that to 6 inches away, your dose of radiation will be 25% of what it was (or 75% less). So small extra distances can reduce the electromagnetic radiation "dose" significantly.

I hope that helps... :)



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