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Dien Rice
April 5, 2008, 08:19 PM
April is college crunch month, May and sometimes June, is for FINALS.

Which means: tens of thousands of college students will be selling off and ABANDONING chattel at a college near you. I'll be investing in text books which I know will be used next year (inside info? you bet!!)...you can get good used text books for a huge discount and sell them early next semester for 1/2 of what the college book store will be offering.

Drive by your local college the week of finals. You'll see piles of "trash", often from dorm rooms, that these kids just don't want to lug around, and can't get rid of. You'll be amazed at the things that get tossed out. ALSO, a lot of cars will get sold and bought.

Computers (especially notebooks) will be available. It is nearing HIGH Chattel Season. Those of you that have the Jim Straw course via my affiliate link, please contact me, I've got some important information for you regarding Chatteling and the Bigger Picture of Super Chatteling (as I call it) that Jim details in the course.
Hi Gordon,

Thanks for the "heads up"! It can pay to be aware of these opportunities when they come around (especially the seasonal ones)...

I know one guy who used to make some extra cash doing something similar. Every year (a month or so before classes start, sometimes later, sometimes earlier), universities where I live release their "reading lists" for their various classes. The textbooks and other books that the students will need.

My friend would get these lists from one of the local universities, then go around to various thrift stores (that also sold books), and buy the books on the lists he could find at a good price. He'd then sell these books to incoming students for a profit.

(He doesn't do this any more, because it was a lot of work hauling the books - and he doesn't drive or own a car. But I'm sure it would still work and generate some extra cash!)

Thanks again Gordon!

- Dien

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