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July 31, 2008, 09:42 PM
The functions of Web 2.0 are some of the tools that I consider that entrepreneurs found useful, interacting with other people will make it possible for an entrepreneur to expand a business without spending a lot of money, and the results are reflected directly on the amount of effort that an entrepreneur has exerted, take for example an entrepreneur will post useful information that others might use it for self improvement or others might use it as an article for support on a created article or others might use it as a proof that he/she has found the right mentor, a mentor whom he/she can trust in order to guide him/her to start on a business, then this is where the ball starts rolling.
Web 2.0 help entrepreneurs change tactics on how to sell, by not chasing people down or cold calling people that others may think as a harassment, but Web 2.0 helped entrepreneurs by cutting down the effort on getting people to be on the business, it help entrepreneurs to help others find the right business for them, the fact is people who are not yet on a business and who want to be on a business doesn’t know what they want, so these people seek guidance, and these people are looking for ways to gather information through forums, blogs, and social sites, if these people had already found the perfect match of the personality that they are looking for ,so this is where the sharing of information starts, in this way the entrepreneur has given the option to work on the right person . Making the entrepreneur’s business productive and hassle free.

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