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August 3, 2008, 01:39 AM
There's an elusive connection between the low-level wheeler/dealer and the REAL WORLD "big-time" world.

It's something no one likes to talk about -- or even mention.

It's been BUGGING me for about a year now.

I'm forcing myself to abandon all DELUSIONS I might have.

Is that the same thing a self-inflicted DREAM-KILLING?

That's the probelm, I'm not sure.

There are upstart, mosquito-like dreamer-types -- very creative, very knowledgable, very ambitious. Low-level entrepreneurs who have ***BIG PLANS***.

Will they work? The plans are certainly grandious. They should work. It makes sense that they WILL work.

Then there's the 'real' world -- just chugging along -- paying NO ATTENTION to Mr./Ms. Dreamer's BIG PLANS.

THAT'S the missed 'connection.'

The real world will chug along just fine with or WITHOUT the Dreamer's BIG PLANS.

What should the Dreamer DO (if anything) about the 'real' world's INDIFFERENCE to his/her BIG PLANS?

Is there REALLY a way to break through?

Does it MATTER if he/she breaks through at all, any way?!?!!

From the real world residents, the Dreamer is just a crazy mosquito buzzing around acting all crazy -- a weird (+ UN-NEEDED) lunatic with weird ideas that will (if successful) DERAIL the 'normal' chugging along of the 'real' world.

There's also the problem of scale.

One of the major DELUSIONS of the Big Dreamer type is the belief that their ideas are of MAJOR importance. The Dreamer does not have any 'proper' perspective.

For years now, I've wanted to (just one of my BIG PLANS) get something on QVC (ME BE *ON* QVC, selling a product of mine). The other day, after talking to them briefly, I've decided to SCRAP the idea altogether.

The real world won.

Is that such a bad thing?

We'll never know.

THAT'S the elusive CONNECTION between Dreams, Delusions, and the Real World.

Which is which?

As someone with TWO STORAGE UNITS filled with boxes + boxes of ideas -- BIG IDEAS, I can tell you, that BATTLE of deciding which fits into which category (dream, delusion, real world), is enough to drive one over the edge!

The FACT there's not enough time to implement even 10% of what I'd LIKE to do FORCES me to decide carefully where to spend/DEVOTE my time.

Here an anecdote to illustrate what I mean about small time vs. BIG TIME...

I'm (also) in the Magic Business (hi, Millard!).

Someone I know (named Chuck) told me this story...

He was having dinner in Vegas with Harry Anderson (magician + star of the TV show, Night Court), Sigfried + Roy stopped by the table to say hi -- they also mentioned their VERY HIGH-PRICED, MULTI-YEAR contract they just signed with the hotel. At that moment, my friend Chuck noticed Harry Anderson making a strange face. The expression on Anderson's face 'said' this: You bozo's think that's a lot of money?!?! You guy's are delusional. that's not real money! Now, what I earn on Night Court, now TAHT'S real money!!!!

Bottom line, what I'm TRYING to say in this -- Low-level entrepreneurs need to SWALOW HARD, TAKE A LONG LOOK IN THE MORROR, and ***SEE*** the difference between low-level s**t, and how the 'real world of BIG TIME stuff REALLY operates.

Don't be like Sigfried + Roy, THINKING you're in the BIG TIME, when you're really not.

THAT'S what's been bugging me recently.

The 'BIG' plans I have in my head AREN'T really 'big' at all -- OR -- it would be almost impossible to INTERJECT my ideas into the already-chugging-along 'real' world.

THAT'S the 800-pound gorilla no one's talking about on forums like this.

It's generally a bunch of low-level people TALKING big games, feeding into each other's delusions, but never really breaking through to the 'real' world.

Here's an example...

Gary Halbert is one of 'our' Gods, right? He's a LEGEND, yes?

Here's the delusion-killer --- Statistically speaking, NO ONE HAS EVER EVEN HEARD OF GARY HALBERT!

That's just an example of the MINDSET I'm talking about here.

We're chasing after pennies, while the REAL big-time is chomping on cigars, churning out 100-dollar bills, while LAUGHING at us if they catch a glimpse of us.

Here's the good news...

Here are 3 'chinks in the armor' I've identified (ways for the low-level person to break through into the 'real' world)...

1) QVC

2) Radio interviews

3) Fox News

These are LINKS into the real world BIG-TIME.

These are ways to ACCESS the real world, even if you're a low-level DREAMER-DELUSIONAL type (like me!).

If you have the right product/message, these are three (RARE) places that will actually let you into the real world BIG TIME.

The important thing is to...

1) REALIZE there IS a difference between what you might THINK is the 'big-time' and what really IS the BIG-TIME! ... and the difference between those two worlds may be VAAAAST!

2) Look for ways to break into the REAL big-time. Otherwise you'll spend your time chaing after pennies, THINKING (deluding yourself) you're in the big time, when you're really not.

I know all of this burst some bubbles out there. But that's the point!

The truth will set you free -- but it will piss you off first!

-- TW

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