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andy moose
August 18, 2008, 09:28 PM
I don't think there's anything more irresistible than knowing you have something in your greedy little hands but you can't "have" it until you do one more thing...

namely, spend more money :)

I especially like this quote from your message...

{He told me many times, "If you have something worthwhile to sell, then, don't give it away, CHARGE for it! Get what it's WORTH!"

Peter's now very comfortable.}

and the fact that you charged 50$ for an intro product.

How quickly we think we need to lower prices, yet the same people were selling to are spending $100's at a time shopping for themselves or their kids at places like american eagle

Speaking of american eagle - they're getting $20 for a lewd, grubby, plain ol teeshirt cause kids are willing and wanting to pay that much for it.

Think about that (I will too) before you think you need to bump down the price. Instead, add a few things to the product, turn it into a system or hell, a mini-system and RAISE the price...

There, that's my 20,000 cents
Take care and make lotsa money :)
Andy Moose

andymoose.com <-- coming soon,... first newsletter is almost ready,... but watching micheal phelps and the rest of the swimmers was first on my list last week :)

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