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Duane Adolph
August 19, 2008, 01:02 AM
Hi TW,

I was reading your post, and ONE word jumped out at me. It's a word that I have been "questioning" every time I or I see, somebody else using it.

ALARM BELLS go off in my brain causing me to STOP and THINK.

Yes the word is Realistic or Realistically or whatever variation thereof. Specifically in your post when you asked.

"how many of these could I realistically sell within one month of launch?"

Now I know you rephrased, the question with a specific number of 800 so I am just commenting on the use of the Word Realistic and how it can be a "Mindset" limiter.

I was in a training session with Stuart Lichtman whom I have mentioned before and somebody had asked.

Whether it was realistic to use his goal setting techniques for the thickening of thinning hair?

I enjoyed his reply so much, I saved it in my records and ever since have been Questioning my own use of the word realistic.

Here is what Stuart's reply was to the hair question:

Realistic? I'm not sure what that is. The dictionary definition of realistic is "Tending to or expressing an awareness of things as they really are."

On that count, the term "realistic" is almost nonsensical because the probability that we can experience "what is" is almost zero given perceptual, mental processing and blocker impediments. However, if your underlying question is whether I think it will work, my thinking goes as follows

So that was the reply that I have read over a thousand times.

How many times have WE ALL asked the question "Is this realistic?" of somebody when perhaps a more accurate question would be "Do you think this will work"?

Something to "Realistically" think about :D


I'm working on an audio CD that helps small biz owners get the right MINDSET where marketing is concerned.

It's a real CD (not digital) -- 1-hour long.

If I JV with the right people, how many of these could I realistically sell within one month of launch?

I'm thinking $17 -- I get 50% -- JV's get 50%.

Or, put another way, how long might it take to sell 800 of 'em?

Note: I would be proactive in trying to get JV partners, not just leave it to clickbank or similar (yes, I know they only do digital products any way (?)).

Thanks for nay guidance.

-- TW

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