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January 27, 2009, 09:45 AM
Of course, Jan/Feb are big months in direct marketing. Through tax refund time you'll see and get in your mail a ton of promotions. So it isn't uncommon to have your inbox flooded with special offers.

I've noticed something. And I know something too. The guru who last year hauled down his six figures selling "be like me" products is off to a sluggish start and some are in the toilet. And they have become desperate.

The number of emails have picked up. Their offers are getting more recent, and there is a battle of the gurus to get butts in the seat at their latest super dooper must-attend seminar.

Have you noticed this too, or is it just the seasonal bump that has always existed?

Will you be attending any seminars and if so, which ones are looking good to you?

I find myself yawning at the current offers. Some gurus who haven't answered their phones in years are suddenly "on the scene" again with one pitch after another...and the "insiders circle" is being pitched at feverish rates.

Copper, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platnium, Diamond, Ruby Slipper levels and at each one you are encouraged to UPGRADE...until you get to sleep with the guru and have him whisper his innermost thoughts into your ear.

And yet, there are a few marketers who are having record breaking years...and are growing faster than ever. Why?

Could it be they use less hype and sell better quality products that people want? I don't know, what do you think?

Maybe I burned the toast, but my email is starting to have the smell of guru desperation.

Again, its a great time to start a specialty business. I'll reveal my new business in an upcoming SeedZine issue.

Gordon Jay Alexander

PS. Sign up at www.seedzine.com (http://www.seedzine.com)

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