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April 1, 2009, 04:21 AM
Hey Gordon,

Congrats on making that Big retirement decision once again... :)

Enjoy your new work station at Benny’s on the Beach...

Focusing on Hotsheets and Bikini's should make for some interesting Fun times...

Once again, if Anyone happens to be interested in a Great niche... Third stage of life... "Rehirement" and "free-tirement"...

From a few years back But still a Good read full of ideas if you Apply some Creativity into the swing of things...

Today's Retirement Journey
Forget those stereotypes. Stay active, stay involved, and prepare for what may be your best years yet...

Quick question/suggestion Gordon...

Might be a Good idea to clarify the difference between your Delayed book on Toll Positions vs. your TOLL POSITION HOTSHEET highlighted in the following thread...

It's always a Good idea to make things as clear as possible... Especially for those of us who just love Analyzing, tearing things apart and reading through the lines to Snatch up all the Secrets... ;)


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