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April 1, 2009, 11:29 AM
Hey Gordon,

Quick question/suggestion Gordon...

Might be a Good idea to clarify the difference between your Delayed book on Toll Positions vs. your TOLL POSITION HOTSHEET highlighted in the following thread...

It's always a Good idea to make things as clear as possible... Especially for those of us who just love Analyzing, tearing things apart and reading through the lines to Snatch up all the Secrets... ;)



Thanks. The BOOK on Toll Positions is an update to Harvey Brody's course; How to Become Financially and Personally Independent by Turning an Idea into a Prodcut, Business, Book, etc.

I was simply the "Ghost Writer" on the book, taking information and formatting it.

My HOTSHEET on Toll Positions is what I've learned from Harvey Brody these last few years, how I've applied that education and how to seek, find, trap, and then exploit Toll Positions. It is from my experience and what I've learned helping (or trying to) help others get a Toll Position and of course, it contains my own "twists, turns and modifications" along with discussion and Q and A on all things Toll.

Hope this clarifies things, and Phil, Benny's from Nov-Mar and you are always welcome to come down and buy me lunch...HA!


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