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April 15, 2009, 11:38 AM
Hi Don, I just read your reply to my recent SOW post. I am deeply hurt.

I have been a supporter of your products for many years and I want to give you the opportunity to rectify this misunderstanding so I wonít feel I need to post a reply to protect my professional reputation.

We have communicated privately by email in the past and I wished that you had contacted me by email or phone before posting your comments. If you had done so we could have both helped each other. Maybe we still can. It would be better to support each other than to tarnish our reputations on a public forum. Once posted it is very difficult to get the post deleted.

If you want me to stop selling the Midas Report Iím willing to sell my rights back to you if you are interested. If you are interested just make me a reasonable offer.

Maybe youíve forgotten the exact language of your sales page offering the reprint rights to Midas. Or the exact language of the actual reprint / resell certificate you gave to me with my master copies.

I've kept copies of everything if you need to be reminded. Please look over your records. I think you owe me an apology and I would really appreciate it.

Stephen Shulenski

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