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April 16, 2009, 09:35 PM
Steve.... I appreciate your "Positive Comments" on these Forums, about my "Midas Reports" (that you bought the Reprint Rights to)..... the last 7 years.

YOU are Truly an "Entrepreneurial kinda guy" (AKA someone who does NOT depend upon "da Gummit" or....an "employer" for your INcome)....and I APPLAUD YOU....as being a "Self-Sufficient" person (Really! There are fewer and fewer of "US" type of people in the world...today....)

HOWEVER.....I'm still waiting for you to send me, where I gave you "Permission" .....to use my actual WORDS to sell the "Midas Reports" program.

Don Alm

Hi Don, It’s been a long time and easy to forget what happened 7 long years ago and that’s why it is important to get things in writing and keep them in your files. Here’s what the certificate says…

“This document certifies that the Non-Exclusive Reprint and Duplication Rights to the following items:

A. Midas Report

have been transferred to “Stephen Shulenski” by Don Alm, the creator of the program/s.

These Rights include the rights to use these products in any way, including the resale and distribution for profit of the item/s listed above, without any additional fees or royalties due to Don Alm.

These Reprint and Duplication Rights may not be transferred to anyone else. Doing so would be a violation of this agreement and Federal copyright laws.

Approved by (Don Alm)”

You also sent me Midas web templates with your sales letter and permission to use everything as stated on your old PJBUX.COM website which can be seen at: http://Beam.To/MidasReprint

My business is booming and soon my wife and I will launch a new website that can be a real money maker for anyone with a Digital SLR Camera. I don't need to resell Midas but will continue to unless we reach a new agreement. Remember Don, People prefer to purchase from the creator of the program instead of a reseller. That's why I sell over 100 of my photography programs to each copy of Midas. If you now wish that you had not granted me these rights make me a reasonable offer to buy them back.

I know how much you dislike Lawyers but the next time you offer to sell someone reprint rights you should really consider investing in an Attorney to draft the legal wording for you because what you wrote yourself gives me the right to give copies away if I wanted to.

Ever read 'The E Myth Revisited' by Michael Gerber?

It advises entrepreneurs to focus on what they do best and delegate everything else to professionals instead of being a lone wolf trying to do it all yourself.

I can generate portrait customers on demand whenever I want but until recently I was always limited to how many portrait sessions I could shoot on my own each day.

Now my wife and I leverage our time by sending a flood of business to other photographers and setting up 'Want - a - Bee Photographers' in business for themselves but not by themselves. That creates a Win - Win - Win situation. Our photographers only need focus on taking snapshots and we focus on getting them customers and providing them with training and ongoing support through the new site that will be unveiled by June 1st.

And we hired professionals to create it for us instead of attempting to do it all by our selfs. A team of professionals working with you is so much better that going it alone!

Steve Shulenski
www.EZPhotoCash.com (http://www.EZPhotoCash.com)

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