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November 30, 2009, 10:45 PM
So you sell a $$$ Making Report with which they cannot make money Unless they buy the Needed Additional Info from you. Even after they've already paid you $$$ for info in the 1st place. Sounds to me like you might be being a bit misleading in your Sales Spiel.

Also, with your so-called test... 35% have paid Again, even after paying a crook. 35% of what? 35% of those who paid a crook? How do you know how many have paid a crook? I don't believe your so-called 35% number.

What happens when one of these people pass this so-called Needed Info to the crook - or the Crook buys it using an alias - and then includes That in the stuff you reckon they are onselling?

Nah. Seems to me, if you're so concerned with people selling Your stuff the easiest way to stop them is to contact the host of the sales material & order processor - be it ebay, domain host, paypal, whatever.

And if'n you're not concerned and think the Crooks will help you make more $$$, then you're condoning their actions and all your rhetoric about other people taking YOUR stuff is just hotair.

So "no" Don. I don't think it's worth a dime.

Michael Ross

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