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March 24, 2010, 02:41 PM
OK. Here's what is spinning around my head.

First the premise from Andrew Carneige/Nap Hill:

(Paraphrased) When two minds meet, a third mind is formed.

Choice one: NAW, I don't believe this and don't accept the premise. OK, then you can revert back to the Stimulus/Response model.

Choice two. Yea, I sort of accept it. I think there is something to it. Then I'd want you to flesh it out some more.

Choice three. I Accept the Premise. So, what does this third mind "look like"? Where does it operate? HOW?

Minds need brains? Maybe, but a meeting of the minds takes place by remote means when you are not face to face.

So, say I accept the premise. Now there is a third distinct "entity" created. Funny thing, I show this on the Square One Workshops on the PictoGrigm of Relationships where the bubbles of personal preoccupation intersect.

I've never thought of it as a "ghost mind" before Glenn called it that. Now I can clearly "see" what it is on the SQ1, I can get to know more about it.

As I asked above, HOW does it work? Is it an equal mix from both minds? I think not, one is the dominant one, the one that KNOWS it exists.

Many years ago I wrote an article on TCA, Total Conscious Awareness. In that article I submitted the idea that it is almost impossible to be in TCA for long periods of time, BUT, we can be in TCA for short bursts.

Total Conscious Awareness has 4 components:

1-Recognition and acceptance of our environment (desire to be involved)
2-Focus on the moment by controlling the distractions (correct observations)
3-Feelings and their stimulus (meaningful conclusions)
4-Correct Actions (correct for the moment within the greater "purpose")

By combining TCA with the "ghost mind", that is, being the dominant mind with the "agenda" (and that isn't nefarious or manipulative in a negative connotation sort of way)...to have a positive interaction with someone else.

The casual encounter can be pleasant, which, in business, could lead to further business, BUT, it serves its own purpose; maybe keeping a smile on our (their) face.

Of couse, if you know and understand the neuro processes, putting someone in a "state", especially a positive one, is also putting them in a buying mode too.

So now I have a "ghost mind", I'll call mine Casper (cause he's a friendly little ghost HA!).

When I approach someone, I become TCA of Casper. He now has a "mission", if nothing else, to be friendly.

By KNOWING Casper exists and understanding part of his makeup comes from someone else, and by utilizing Casper by working with the side of him I know...I can become even more effective at the "intersection" of our lives.

Anyhow, I'm thinking this is very powerful stuff. Of course, you have the right to disagree and to not accept the original premise. But, I have seen a light, and it feels as if it could lead to new discoveries for me.

Gordon Jay Alexander

PS. Here is a link to the SQ1 http://www.sowpub.com/sq1/

And if you go to #4, you'll see the PictoGrigm I'm talking about.

Dear Gordon,


I too have been using aspects of this GHOST MIND for years.

Chunking it down so others can use the idea too helps me
understand it better myself.


But when you teach others something you learn the Most yourself.

I think Ralph Waldo Emerson has some slick quote on this -

Something like - "When you help others it's nice that the universe arranges things so you are helping yourself at the same time."

Which is a good thing.

I can alway use more help.


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