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Dien Rice
February 4, 2010, 05:22 PM
Brief update. I had eye surgery on Monday and I can now see out of one eye, hope to have the other one done soon.

I haven't been able to read for months without huge magnifyers...so, I'm elated.

It has been a very rough 18 months, going back to my heart attack in 08, the passing of my housemate in July and my mother on Jan 11 of this year. Add in some serious health issues, some failed business adventures, a couple of fainting episodes which have left some permanent bumps on the old noggin...and well,

I'm looking forward to this great new year. 2010 is great, and I'm going to do everything I can to make it better.
Hi Gordon,

I'm glad you're back!

You've been dealing with a lot of very difficult stuff lately (having lost my father just under a year ago, and my mother a few years before that, I know it is very difficult)... Plus health issues too...

However, I think these are "exciting" times! Sure, there is difficulty too... But on the other hand, there are also opportunities...

We've talked a little about the Apple iPad lately. One thing we haven't talked about (yet) is how it could also represent an "opportunity"!

I read an article saying how many people didn't quite "get it". The iPad is not a "content creation" device - unlike a computer. It is primarily for "content consumption" - that is, "consuming" media of all kinds... music, videos, and also now ebooks and other written materials.

(Unfortunately, I don't have a link for the article... if I find it again, I'll post it...)

Doesn't that sound potentially exciting if you are in the "content creation" game? It means that suddenly, "mainstream" people will find it easier to "consume" the content you create! (And you could make some bucks from it too!)

My belief is... suddenly, this is the key which could help ebooks (and other online media) really get big and mainstream...

If you are a "content creator" - the next few years could potentially be a very exciting time!

Best wishes,


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