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February 14, 2010, 10:10 AM

I'm sorry to hear that you had some difficult things to deal with lately. I enjoyed chatting with you last spring, we did a little catching up but I think I was standing in an Ice Cream store with Pam and the kids so our conversation was shorter than I would have liked.

Then in August Pam and I went up to New York just to relax and Leo Quinn showed us around Lake George. Enjoyed spending time with Leo as usual.

I wish I could spend more time here with Dien and the rest of the gang, but these days I just kind of hang out with my gang at http://freeplants.com. We've got such a strong community of Backyard Growers now that I try to not distract myself.

Anyway Gordon, I'm glad to hear that things are going better for you. Trying times are trying to say the least. I lost my parents in 03, and 04 then in 05 Pam and I bought a new home. 2 weeks later she got sick and we were in for another 18 month journey. I'm happy to say that she is 100% now.

I still remember the day that two complete strangers showed up on my door step on a Saturday morning just to say hi! You and Rick Smith. (we met on this board about 10 years ago. Thanks, Dien!) I remember standing in my backyard talking about the videos that we shot there and Rick, always the techie, asked me how I edit my videos. He almost fell over when I said; "We don't edit them, we just shoot em and send them out! If the camera falls over we pick it up and keep shooting."

So if you talk to Rick, tell him that I still haven't edited my videos, but I do tell that story often when I'm trying to convince people that good is good enough.

Take care Gordon, one of these days me, you and Leo need to get together.

-Mike McGroarty

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