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February 4, 2010, 01:05 PM
Hi All.

Brief update. I had eye surgery on Monday and I can now see out of one eye, hope to have the other one done soon.

I haven't been able to read for months without huge magnifyers...so, I'm elated.

It has been a very rough 18 months, going back to my heart attack in 08, the passing of my housemate in July and my mother on Jan 11 of this year. Add in some serious health issues, some failed business adventures, a couple of fainting episodes which have left some permanent bumps on the old noggin...and well,

I'm looking forward to this great new year. 2010 is great, and I'm going to do everything I can to make it better.

Over the last year I've heard the following dozens of times,

"If you have your health, you have everything."

I now disagree.

I know plenty of people in good health living miserable lives. I now would say, "If you have friends (true blue) and a loving family, you have everything."

I want to get back to "work" ASAP, it will take about another 3 weeks, but today, I checked my "accounts"...

Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Ryze...and a couple of other of the social networks I belong too.

Are these still relevant to business and marketing? I'm out of the loop.

Anyhow, I've uncovered some incredible NEW concepts and I've put some of the OLD ideas (like Toll Positions) into force, and I'm applying all the wonderful knowledge YOU all have provided over the years.

I want to thank you, I've made some great FRIENDS here, especially Dien Rice who has been super supportive these last months...and many others.

YOU are important. To me and to the community at large.

NOW, let's get back to business and help each other to achieve our mutual goals and individual targets.

It's great to SEE you all again. MORE later, OK?

Gordon Jay Alexander

PS. What a great time to be alive and kicking, eh?

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