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March 9, 2010, 10:10 AM
Hi Mike welcome to the forum. We've been at it here for 10 years now and we're picking up steam, 2010 is going to be our best year ever.

Let me answer your questions.

Harvey Brody is an amazing guy and he's been around since the mid 50's. Back then he worked with the top talent in mail order, direct marketing, manufacturing, import/export, etc.

He taught his course at universities in S. Calif, and his students include a Who's Who of professionals like Jay Abraham, Ben Suarez, Joe Karbo and many others. He did publish a course, in fact, several of them, but decided to move on to better things and got out of the publishing business.

Although he is, perhaps, best known for his TOLL POSITION technique, that is just one of his little known money making strategies.

The "problem" of getting his strategies and methods out to the public is/was... he wasn't very motivated. Unlike many of the gurus who have to sell products and keep constantly selling themselves, Harvey doesn't need nor want to do that. He closed down a very profitable publishing business just to rid himself of employees. Today, he works with his wife and daughter and has NO employees.

I have been in close contact with Harvey for the last few years, however, I've had some health problems and I'm currently trying to 'restore' my health and don't have the time to work with Harvey.

HOWEVER, he is developing a product, I think it is going to start with a video and then offer the course material.

I don't know exactly what is going to be in it, I do know that Harvey is very BIG on mindset and strategy at the Set UP, he thinks everything through, "pencils it out" and looks for roadblocks, BEFORE he ever begins a project.

His expertise is especially vivid in International Acquistions, Specialty Products, LICENSING (which is where I've refocused my efforts), and Control of products.

His experience spans manufacturing, direct marketing and out sourcing everything.

What he is doing today is light years ahead of what he taught in his course, however, the course contains concepts and principles that you can't find anywhere else.

Read his 'report' I've linked to, and it contains a LOT of how to, and what to.

I believe Dien Rice is now working closely with Harvey Brody and he will announce any new developments in the development of new information. I'll be glad to answer any questions that I can regarding the OLD material, however, I think that much of that information is here in the archives of SowPub.

Harvey Brody is ADVANCED marketing, he does NOT give you the same old lame old methods...and most of the so called gurus don't have a clue on how to get and hold onto a good TOLL POSITION, consider he's had over 50 years of continuous success with just ONE of the many products he controls. That kind of history and longevity just doesn't exist, I can think of only 3 guys who have withstood this long test of time besides Harvey. Melvin Powers, Jim Straw and Ted Nicholas.

All Masters in what they do, and we can learn much from these Old Timers who have been around and have shown us the way.

Gordon Alexander

Thanks Gordon,

my name is Mike and i'm new to your forum.

I found it while searching for info Harvey Brody and the toll Gate / Toll Position concept.

You guys got some great info here. Thanks to all posters ...*-).

If i got the info right there was an older course of Mr. Brody on the topic and he and you are preparing a new course now.

Can you fill me in what this course will cover? Is there a table of contents? Will it by made publically available? When will it be released approximately?

Do you perhaps know of any other material dealing with Toll position, Harvey Brody's concepts / manuals or similar stuff you could point me to?

That would be a great help,

Thank you in advance


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