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November 22, 2010, 10:55 AM
Whiling away your days in a drugged out stupor is not my idea of a great life, and not one likely to lead to success.

Sort of like whiling away your days in an Internet Marketing stupor looking for a magic bullet solution while spending years and thousands of dollars not getting to success either.

At least Ol Freedom is out in the fresh air interacting with people.

Time Wasters come in all shapes, sizes and economic conditions.

But there is a philosophical challenge there too... it has to do with judgements we make on other people's lives...and if "success" is what some of these Internet Marketing guru's have, you know, guys with fish tanks so big they need a scuba diver to clean them out...


I'd rather spend an hour listening to street people like Freedom and the buskers around Asheville than spend a minute in the company of "success" driving around town in their BMW's filming surprise "meetings"...

But, hey, that's a JUDGEMENT too...although, I'm working on it.


PS. I have met some incredibly SUCCESSFUL people here, who are involved with really neat projects such as sustainability, solar power, health, organic eating and great MUSIC. As many great musicians in Asheville as you'll find anywhere.

Several houses here that make that Lake Erie dump you and I looked at (the one with all those gawdyyyy horsies, ha!) like a small pool cabana. I'd be happy to do my impression of Kato Kaelin here.

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