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November 20, 2010, 02:09 AM
The old saying is, scratch a hippie and find an authoritarian. HMMM.


Yea, Asheville N.C. is like a combination of San Francisco, Marin County, Taos and Sedona with a little Palm Beach tossed in.

It is filled with "hippies". As well as just about every other label you can place on a segment of our population.

Well, I was talking to a guy who goes by the name of FREEDOM. He's right out of Haight-Ashbury '67. Looks like a hippie, talks like one and dare I say, smells like one.

After listening to Freedom for awhile telling about fighting the "good cause" of the last 40 years, turns out his father died and left a 6 million dollar fortune and "junior" has been pretty much living off of his capitalist pig of a father, those monthly checks have been spent on many a fresh herb or two...

Never judge a hippie by his sandals (his could have been Roberto Cavelli...mine {back in the day} were Robert Hall) ...

Anyhow, there is an old truth, look at their feet and hands if you want to know the "real" story. I think it was Don Alm who talked about some "poor looking" guy who came into his store, until Don looked at his shoes.

You can tell a lot about people by the shoes they wear.

Anyhow, Asheville is a trip man, really FAR out.

Gordon Jay Alexander

PS: And Asheville has more good looking women than South Beach and Hollywood combined. If it weren't for that damn white stuff I could have found a new home...but even a "little snow" is MORE than this old hipster/yupster/bedster can take.

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