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September 16, 2011, 01:18 AM
Greetings Mitch,

Iím back with a letter I penned for my wifeís cleaning business, (ok I own the business but she runs it for me so I can practice marketing it for her). Great practice using direct mail in her business.

I purchased a mailing list targeting only new home owners in up scale areas of Tallahassee, that have purchased a home in the past 120 days. The list is only 250 names and I purchased a multi-use license so I can send out a 3 letter campaign over the course of 6-8 weeks.

As you will notice in the headline I personalized it and use an image to get the readers attention. Now instead of an image one could use some type of promotional item either with or without imprint, but it does have to be apart of the headline hook.

Also take notice that I sprinkle the prospectís name throughout the letter even right to the very end. If you did not know, a personís name is the most important personal asset every one values the most. If you doubt me, mispronounce your clientís name in front of them and watch their reaction.

In any event for those of you looking into consultanting consider doing a Joint Venture with someone you know that has a business. If you do it pro bono you can get some good practice learning how to put sales letters together and testing your mailings. Your JV partner would only need to provide you with the names and addresses, pay for stationary, stamps and if they want a promotional item to go in the mailer.

This experience will also show you how to help other businesses by what you did for another business and what their ROI was on your direct mailers.

By all means you can swipe my letter and tweak it to fit your requirements.

Cleaning Leads Letter (http://www.thepromotionalguy.com/CleaningLeadLetter.pdf)

Peace and Success to you

Woodrow L. Quinones
Business Growth & Marketing Consultant
ASI Member #301505
400 Capital Circle SE
Suite 18236
Tallahassee, FL 32301
(850) 508-8988

"When You're Not Seen, You Don't Exist"


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