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September 18, 2011, 01:46 PM
Hey TW,

It's probably the viewer you're using. However, these are salesletters I sent out back in April.

Below are my results from this one letter campaign I did for my wife back in April.

I sent the letter out to 250 targeted prospects like a mentioned above. This particular letter brought in 37 phone inquiries and 3 email inquiries. (Yeah I track my results like a zealot)

My wife and son went out on 21 cleaning audits and 14 she was able to close. Of the 14 she closed, 9 were just one time cleanings taking advantage of the gift certificate and 6 she was able to sign on for twice a month cleanings on a regular 2 week rotation. Her and my son got a surge of business.

My total investment which included the mailing list, multi-use license, stationary, stamps and envelopes was just below $300.

My wife and son did $4158 in new business from the first letter. This doesn't include the clients that signed on for repeat business, but I'm estimating that each will bring in about $300-$400 a month. So that would be right around an additional $1800-$2400 a month.

For those who did not respond to the first letter I sent out a 2nd letter just too those prospects, 2 - 3 weeks later. If they still won't respond then a third letter is sent out 2 - 3 weeks later reminding them of the first 2 letters and that this letter is the last time they will hear from us.

The second letter pulled in 11 phone inquiries but no email inquiries. Of those 11 my wife closed 3 but each signed on for once a month cleaning. These three clients will be an additional $900 a month.

The third letter pulled in 5 inquiries but no commitments.

So from my $300 investment my ROI is estimated at around $6858 in new business for my wife and son.

Bear in mind, I run these campaigns to test and measure how they pull. I believe that it will make me a better marketing consultant. Owning a business that I donít have to work in but use to test marketing strategies to see if I can generate business for the cleaning company will only assist me down the road with other business owners.

I sent out a second series of letters to a different mail list but this time the letter was tweaked and I added a premium in with the letter. This letter also pulled in some impressive numbers and a ton of more business for my wife and son.

Here is the tweaked version. Cleaning Letter 2 (http://www.thepromotionalguy.com/CleaningLetter2.pdf)

Not knowing what a cleaning audit is, is OK. It's not a socio-anything. It's marketing that works. Those who want their houses cleaned seem to get it. Our results have proved it time and time again so we stick with what works.

If you want to write a challenge for my control go ahead. By all means swipe both letters and tweak them for your use. That's why I placed them here so others can learn and implement.

Peace and Success to you

Hi WQ...

Question about the typeface you used on the letter (unless it's just my viewer). The lower case "i" seems to be not tall enough, and the lower case "w" + "v" seems to not reach/touch the line at the bottom (they float above it). Overall, this makes the letter very hard to read (flow). The eye keeps "saying," HUH?!?, every so often (visually).

Also, maybe I'm not the right audience for this (my socio-economic status), but I'm really not quite sure what a "cleaning audit" is.

Also, would you let me write a "challenger" to your control? Just for kicks.

PM me.

-- TW

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