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Dien Rice
June 21, 2012, 01:31 PM
I like to keep on top of the trends... This one's pretty interesting...

It turns out that goats are becoming all the rage in Portland, Oregon!

Specifically, these are pygmy goats. People are keeping them as pets!

Easier to take care of than a cat, they say. Quieter than a dog.

Plus they help "mow your lawn" and you can get milk from them, too. And they're kind of cute, as well!


One of the keys to their popularity is that in Portland, you don't need a permit to keep up to 3 pygmy goats. (If you needed a permit, that would probably dampen the popularity, as it's a "hurdle" people would have to cross...)

Could this take off elsewhere, too?

Apparently, keeping chickens as pets has rocketed in popularity. Maybe pygmy goats will, too?

You can read more about it here...


With any new trend, there is always an opportunity...

One example of an opportunity would be breeding pygmy goats. Other opportunities are manuals, videos, and membership websites - all about how to choose, care for, and things you can do with your pet pygmy goat!

For other ideas, think of all the products and services associated with cats and dogs. Could there be an equivalent product or service for owners of pygmy goats?

For an un-obvious example of an opportunity, here's a link to a couple articles (from one of Phil's posts (http://www.sowpub.com/forum/showthread.php?p=30592)) about an entrepreneur who created diapers for chickens... :)



- Dien

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