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July 5, 2012, 03:18 PM
Got An Idea for Ya' Dien,

Kickstarter.com - is a website where individual investors GIVE YOU
Money for your idea, project or - in Seth Godin's Case - BOOK TITLE.


No book yet.

Just the HEadline.

I went to Kickstarter and discovered Seth ran a test last year
that bombed. Didn't even make his 4000.00 goal.

A Good Way to TEST YOURSELF...

(The point being that NONE of us who Successfully sells information
knows what headline, price or Offer will work best. So like Seth Godin does.

WE ASK. (Called Testing)


Which of these 2 Headlines Do YOU Think Made 262,336.00 in 7 days at
kickstarter AND Which Headline made less than 4000.00?

___ A - The Icarus Deception: Why Make Art? - Seth Godin
Weíre All Artists Now. Why itís important and why itís hard.

___B - The Remarkable Effect: Highlighting Kid Business Owners - Seth Godin

REMEMBER - Seth hasnít written the book Yet!

Glenn Osborn

P.S. - Here's a Hint. I Always Guess Wrong. And I'd buy the book about the
little kid Biz owners in a hot minute. So. Guess which book title BOMBED.

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