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July 7, 2012, 10:37 AM
Over the last few days I've spoken to several people regarding your projects, the Whiteboard, the 30 Days to a Product, Chatteling...and some just HI How you doing.

If you've never spoken to me, you may be surprised at the number of questions I ask. If it is about YOUR business, I'm NOT prying nor looking to "steal" anyone's million dollar idea.

I've spoken to ONE inventor and was given the opportunity to possibly work with another one...alas, not happening.

They (in general, most inventors) just don't understand marketing or how things work in the real world...need proof? Watch episodes of the Shark Tank, where those guys are BRUTAL in their questioning.

I'm a soft cuddly teddy bear in comparison.

Today, I want to share something very important. And credit must be given, to Harvey Brody.

I've got around 50 hours of phone recordings which I listen to daily, and there is a theme, a SECRET if you will which took almost two years to sink into my thick skull. And I'm going to share that secret with you...again.

The thing, in my opinion, that distinguishes Harvey Brody from almost all the other one-man money making bands and has allowed for over 55 years of continuous success IS...

superior thinking.

And it is, again MY opinion, that because Harvey Brody does so much advanced thinking at the beginning of a project, because he is so keen about what the process will look like and what the potential "bog" down points are...

His success on a venture is almost (and he may argue it is always) always guaranteed.

In the last few days speaking with several of you, I've asked a ton of questions.

There are some projects which are so complicated, I have no idea of how to even offer hope, let alone any useful advice...and in those cases, I wish the person luck and ask them to stay in touch.

I like simple. My 30 days to profits is all about getting YOUR idea out of your head and into the market. Even if you don't make a ton of money, the very process, the use of the Whiteboard and learning how to FOCUS and what activities you need to do on a daily basis is well worth the investment.

That is, IF, you are going to stay with it and follow through.

When I do a short term, 30 day project, I use the Pyramid on the Whiteboard.

IF it is for a one year project (or longer) I use the View from The Rooftop, a Harvey Brody concept which is the gist of his success and one source of his superior thinking.

Harvey had me draw a building with a ladder on the side of it.
At the top of the ladder, the very last rung, the step off rung, is when you step onto the roof of the building and SEE the project finished and completed.

Let's look at making money.

Say you want to have an extra 50,000 dollars in your bank acct. this time next year.

The step off rung would be when you step onto the rooftop and you HAVE the 50k in your pocket, bank acct or wherever. It is the project finished.

Some liken this to visualization and manifestation. NO. It is the last step on the rung and what Harvey Brody taught me was, there was a rung before that one, and one before that one and one before that one...

all the way down to the ground, where you stand LOOKING up at the ladder and clearly KNOW and UNDERSTAND what each rung represents.

So, the success of the project is actually achieved in the BEGINNING...sort of like buying and selling cars, experienced car people know the money is in the BUY.

With the Harvey Brody method, the project is DONE in the beginning as long as you have clearly backward chained the actions, as long as you have clearly seen what each rung looks like.

At the bottom of the ladder, you know you have to make the first step up...and this could look daunting, it could look like the ladder goes all the way to heaven, an almost impossible climb...

UNLESS you know what each rung represents and what you have to do.

See? It is the hardest part, the heavy lifting...and Harvey Brody helped me to understand that...

Do you ever watch the TV show, The Big Bang Theory? When the main characters go to work, it shows them in front of a Whiteboard THINKING...THAT IS THEIR JOBS.

One question which I ask everyone is How is it Monetized? Well, with something simple, like a report, I get it, know how to do it and can guide you to a successful (albeit, not always as profitable as YOU thought, cause, honestly, EVERYONE will not be buying your most treasured ideas) conclusion and you have the product to sell forever ...

BUT, you will have a process you can use to create more and more, bigger and better, revised and edited reports, books, manuals what have you.

I'm not very good at building scores of websites to drive traffic and/or how to game google or any of that stuff...which may work well for you but please keep in mind MY mantra...


Next week, I'll pick up where I left off with the NEW chatteling because I'll be in a place I KNOW has stuff...

NOT much you can sell in the desert. Although I've enjoyed my adventures in San Diego and New Mexico...I'll be back in Akron, OH for the rest of the summer with MY special project...MY HEALTH

OH, thanks to all who have sent me links, doctors, and other stuff about diabetes and our flawed health care system...I DO appreciate it and I do look at it and consider it. THANK YOU.

I feel, at this time, I need to get back to my doctor I'm most familiar with and work with him to develop a strategy to get this health under control.

So, Akron, OH it is, where the chattel is thick and the headlights dirty.

For all of you with a project/product or a marketing strategy on your mind...I encourage you to have a very clear view from the top of the Pyramid for your short term projects and an even clearer view from the rooftop for your longer term projects.

DO THE HEAVY LIFTING...THE THINKING...at the beginning, and more often than not, it is simply executing the step...grab onto the rung above you, step up...repeat until you on the last rung...

theN simply step onto the rooftop and enjoy your accomplishment.

Gordon Jay Alexander

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