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Robert J.
July 7, 2012, 07:57 PM
Eva, I googled it and found the seven-part (actually, it's six parts, but ...) piece on the mother web site...

Would it work today ... well, their business model and their numbers are a mess ... of course this is from 1983 or something, so times have changed just a bit...

That said, I think it COULD work. Would certainly need more of a focus then their editions had ... "homebased business" suggests something dramatically different than they seemed to be targeting ... they were going after biz without a store front ... ie. service business ... those guys who clean decks, and wash siding, and roof houses and hardscape backyards ...

Interesting idea, but getting the publication to actually produce results - making it "sticky" for readers (who will 1. have to pick it up, and 2. have to keep it for reference, and 3. will have to utilize the advertisers if the publication is going to stick around for more than an edition or two ...) may be difficult.

Also, an amateur publication like he described ... that won't ever make it off the ground in today's four-color, interactive-web site, USA Today, era.

But the concept? The need? Yes, something based off this idea could work today. I have no doubt. I only wonder what that product would look like ... and how to present it ...

By the way ... print works. Print STILL works.

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