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September 9, 2012, 10:42 AM
Yes, you came up with an idea.

IF you could double your money every 11 days, thousands of people would do it.

You can't.

That being said, feel free to prove me wrong, I'll eat crow if you do.

A realistic chatteling goal starting with 100 bux and WORKING on it consistently for the next 17 weeks would be 5,000 bux.

That could be doable.

NO one, not even Bernie Madoff can double that kind of money in a short period of time.

NOW, if you made the 5 grand by Christmas, you could begin the new year with some working capital and maybe, with some effort, by the following Christmas it could be 50,000...but that is a lot of chatteling work.

99.99% of people can't do it. YOU may be the exception.

What I've done for over 25 years is encourage people to Chattel to get enough working capital to start a business. The lessons one learns by buying and selling are good lessons of business.

Very few people chattel continuously, the exceptions open up some kind of storefront.

But Shelby, Go for it, and let us know how it works out for you, OK?

Gordon QAlexabder

Hey guys,

As you can see by the title I came up with an idea to Chattle up from $100 to $50,000 by December 31st and wanted to get your thoughts on it. I know it seems like a big crazy goal but is it really?

At the time of this posting that's roughly 17 weeks away. Originally I thought you would have to earn roughly $431 a day to reach that goal working 5 days a week. That really would put a lot of stress on finding good deals to flip, but I think I found an easier way.

Last night I realized that if you could just double your money every 11-12 days or so you would be on the right track. That would be the awesome power of exponential growth that everyone wants to harness for their 401k's.

To break it down:

September 8-18 - $100
September 19-28 - $200
September 29 - October 8 - $400
October 9 - 18 - $800
October 19 - 28 - $1600
October 29 - November 7 - $3200
November 8 - 17 - $6400
November 18 - 27 - $12,800
November 28 - December 8 - $24,000
December 9 - 18 - $48,000
December 19 - 31 - Catch up time - $50,000

The two biggest problems I see are finding enough good deals to double your money every 11 days, and finding deals you can flip in a reasonable amount of time when you get to the higher brackets.

What are your thoughts, suggestions etc…

I already know it sounds crazy, but hell why not try? No matter what you'd be better off if you were out there making deals, right?



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