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September 9, 2012, 02:53 PM

I started chatteling in '78 if memory serves me correctly.

Doubling is a great concept but ....

There was a challenge on the forum some time ago to double...I was in on it but I think it just kind of petered out as people found that the doubling concept only works easily to a certain level. Dien would know more about the reasons it dwindled away.

It is easy to buy something for $0.50 and sell it for a $1....likewise it is relatively easy to double a $200 purchase to $400.

But in my experience that has generally been the cutoff point for actually doubling the purchase price. After that level it I have found it has basically averaged out to a max of 50% rather than the 100%. Of course there have been times where pure luck in finding an object has allowed the doubling but they have been few and far between.

I concur with Gordon on his $ projection for the 17 week period.

The biggest problem I found with the high priced items is that sometimes you have to sit on them for a while...yes pre-found buyers do back out....and in most instances (there are a few exceptions) the profit is generally 15-25% rather than doubling on the high ticket items. Those exceptions usually show up in estate purchasing where you agree to buy the whole estate and then dispose of it....in these it is not uncommon if purchased for the right price to triple or quadruple your investment.

I sent you a couple of PM's on finding things...while these won't get you to the goal you have set, these are a good basis to build up your initial cash (capital) to move into higher end chatteling as they are 100% profit.

I wish you well in your endeavor...will be interesting to see your results on the 31st of Dec..


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