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October 7, 2012, 07:16 PM
This is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada....so to the rest of you Canucks on the board ...Happy Thanksgiving.

It is a bit different this year....there is no Thanksgiving dinner....so it is just me and the pooch.

My oldest, in another city, is involved with other relatives this year. The youngest is also in another city working the weekend. The second oldest, while here, is also working a double shift this holiday day.

It is 5:30pm and just came in from the great Canadian outdoors and a balmy 46 degrees Fahrenheit.

Have been winding down the garden and getting it ready to go to sleep for another year...sad to see it go but everything has its time.

On a positive note.... it means that another great Canadian winter is on its way....looks like it might be a good one too....the squirrels are fatter than usual and so are the Bluejays and racoons. The Bluejays are storing food in caches like crazy and the squirrels are hiding an abnormal amount of peanuts this year. The squirrels usually just sit and eat the peanuts but for the last 2 weeks they have been eating one and burying 2.

I think it might just be time to get the snow removal equipment out and serviced...there has been some snow north of us and that is a pretty good indicator that its acomin' thisaway in the next few weeks.

You can tell it is getting dusk as the rabbits just emerged from the weedlot and are heading for the hay cubes I put out for them just before coming inside and I hear the Bluejays fighting over the peanuts just outside the door....that's not good...it means they finished off theirs and are robbing the raccoons peanut stash for later tonight.

So now 'tis time to get our Thanksgiving dinner ready...pooch is having some chicken, veggies, and dressing...and me a couple of good old Sloppy Joe's and potato chips.....a favorite on colder nights.

And of course will offer thanks at the meal.... for living in a great country....that all my children are healthy, safe, and employed....that we have safe harbor and protection from the elements and food for the table (in this day and age there are way, way too many people and families that are experiencing lack and hardship)....and of course for friends that appreciate my sometimes warped sense of humor.:eek:

So again...to my fellow Canucks...Happy Thanksgiving.:)

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