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Dien Rice
February 23, 2013, 02:20 PM
Tested and proven effective for overcoming procrastination.



There are Time Wasters who have spent years procrastinating...probably always will. Anyone who has used the Pyramid of Achievement has reached his short term goals.

The problem with all procrastination, in my opinion, is the SQ1 problem...

What do you want and why?

Answer that, and use tested and proven tools, you won't have procrastination in your life.
Hi Gordon,

Thanks for posting about the Square One Workshops!

It's definitely powerful for getting clarity in your life of where you want to go. I think I'll sit down and do one for myself this weekend (I haven't gone through it for a while, and it's about time)...

Another thing I really like - which a lot of other systems are lacking in - is that the SQ1 is also all about life balance.

Gordon's "5 paths of life" are...

Financial, Physical, Relationships, Mental, Spiritual

You wanna get all these in order so that you can have a balanced life. "Finance" is very important, but it is only one component in a balanced life. You need the others, too.

As I've found out recently, Health (part of the "Physical" path) is very important. (Thankfully, I seem to be getting back on track regarding that, thanks to a pretty strict diet...)

The diagrams look pretty complex when you first see them, but if you go through Gordon's lessons, they are easy to follow...

His "Finance" path gives a pretty excellent overview on exactly how "making moolah" works... He rips away the curtain, and reveals the mechanisms!

Best wishes!


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