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February 25, 2013, 04:39 AM
Ok -- the good news: My cold turkey swearing off of watching (or even following) THE NEWS, is still in effect -- so I have been able to keep that up.
The not so good news is that progress on "Project X" has been sporadic.
So... (as I said I'm gonna try to make this thread into a mini-journal of public accountability (he typed, nervously))...
Here are the steps I need to take next (pretty much in order)...

1) Add 1 or 2 twilio phone numbers to my data base (I want 5 for the initial experiment -- I already have 5, but I just found out that 1 or 2 do not qualify for what I need, so I need to replace them)

2) Write a basic video script (30-60 secs)

3) Purchase the appropriate plr video (I already know the source)

4) Make prospect lists for the 5 cities I have picked out.

5) LEARN the vid ranking system I have picked out already.

6) Using the above, make the 5 videos (ranking method + script + plr vid + music)

7) Implement the ranking system (THIS is what I am most likely to procrastinate over -- I need to LEARN how to do this -- it is an amorphous notion right now, and I have NO IDEA how easy or complicated it is yet).

8) Sit back and see if they rank.

9) If they do not rank, then I must try to implement some OTHER ranking system (I already have others lined up, just in case).

OVERALL AMORPHOUS TIME GOAL on all these steps is March 15th.
Then, I hope the vids will rank within 2 weeks after that (END OF MARCH).

NOTE: I will return to this thread to attach incremental DATES to each of these steps.


-- TW

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