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February 19, 2013, 05:02 AM
One important step taken...
I have SWORN OFF watching the news. Fox tv -- all that.
Was a BIG HOBBY of mine.
Got me all riled up about things I ultimately have no control over.
The passion became an addiction -- and a GIGANTIC TIME VORTEX.

No more.

Now it's work, pray, family, church, bible study, eat, sleep, poop.

TRYING to stay focused on **ONE** particular project.
But then there are about (ahem) 5 other lesser projects.
I have a phone accountability partner / life coach (kinda).
Setting a goal of end of March to see if "Project X" will actually show some $-making potential -- If so, it's SCALE-UP CENTRAL for the following few months.

I am going to BREAK the spell of this God-forsaken ditty...
"Many a slip, twixt cup and lip."
I am going to get BEYOND all the MANY nuts + bolts (friggin') LEARNING CURVE(S) that get in the way of PROGRESS!

I am DETERMINED to friggin' FINALLY dig myself out of this mental MORASS!

Anyhow, I thought I'd start this thread as a makeshift accountability "journal" / blog thread.

Wish me luck --- FOCUSED luck!

-- TW

PS: I am nervous as I hit the "submit new thread" button...

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