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August 2, 2013, 11:33 PM
Almost Forgot.

I do this a lot and am too close to it.

ONE STRATEGY - is to do a Survey of Bribe ideas.

When we used a BRIBE for a local Retail Store owner
in a postcard/Local Newspaper ad - combo.

We made a list of possible ITEMS you could Win
IF You came in with your postcard or Ad - cut from the paper.

The Free Drawing BRIBE worked Incredibly well. (Tightwad people he'd
NEVER SEEN before came in to b uy a pack of gum.)

Winning BRiBE ideas (From a bigger list) which the owner CHECKED OFF by
asking a 100 folks IN LINE - were an iPad and a iphone and a kindle.


In your case - Your BRIBE REPORT must be something to do with
Winning Scratch Cards.

How to win.
How to boost your chances.
How Winners SPEND their munny.

ASK them which GAMBLING Bribe they want - then use it.


P.S. - You can ALSO use INVISIBLE BRIBE Testing.

This is sneaky but GREAT FUN and clients LOVE IT. You Pose as a Prospect
and Call a Clients Competitors. Finding Out exactly what their benefits, features and p rices are.

THEN WRITE A Special Report Titled, "12 Questions You Must Ask To Avoid Disaster When You Hire a _________. (Or ...Buy a ________.)

You send or hand this to all prospects as they PRICE SHOP.
Thus arming them with questions That KILL Your competitors chances
of getting that client DEAD.


The prospect hires YOU. And niether they nor your competitors
know you used an INVISIBLE BRIBE REPORT.

P.P.S. - I can't take credit for this GENIUS idea. A mentor sells 1.2 million dollar software with this strategy and his team closes 9 out of 10. While his nearest competitor charges 400,000.00

heh heh - He generously holds free workshops. Helps affluent prospects -
create a SHOPPING LIST so they can get the best price on the World-wide market.

Buries 8 Benefits at the top of the MUST-HAVE-Benefits list that ONLY his software can do.

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