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June 27, 2014, 01:42 AM
Thanks Dien,

Publishizer is of Great interest to me Dien.

Thank you.

Here's why.

In 1989 I found myself sitting next to a short, stocky, bearded man
at a Protege Bootcamp - This fella was suddenly HAILED from the Stage by Jay
Abraham and Mac Ross

Bob Morrison knew so much more than the 800 others in the room about SELF PUBLISHING - that soon
he was on-stage - being interviewed.

Bob said he subscribed to a couple 100 Hobby and niche magazines.

Cut out articles.

When he had enough for a book in that niche. Bob wrote a Sales Letter. Rented
a list of people who had ALREADY bought similar books.

A - IF he got too few orders - he sent them a postcard saying, "The book is no
longer available - here is your munny back.

B - If he got enough checks in the mail - Bob Dictated the book then had a Court
Reporter Type it up.

I particularly liked Bob's story of how he CALLED UP and TALKED to
some of the buyers of his best seller - "Why SOB's Succeed and Nice Guys Fail In

AND Discovered none of them READ the book. They bought it JUST IN CASE of Emergency.


Bob - Rascal that he is.

Wrote a S-ales letter and s-old all of these buyers SPECIAL REPORTS.

Sold like crazy.

Unknowingly these men had bought Individual Chapters of "Why SOB's Succeed..." broken out into Report form.

Got me Thinking.

I really LIKED the idea of PRE-Testing and knowing
whether your book would s-ell BEFORE you wrote it.

So I started Studying best selling authors
who sold their own books.

Which is how I ended up Testing books on Ebay. (Now illegal to sell an E-book on E-bay.)

I'd list a 7 day auction.

IF I didn't get enough bidders by day 6 I'd Cancel the auction - and NOT Write the book.

I did Outline the book.

So all I had to do was write or type as fast as I could
to create each new book.


Publishizer sounds interesting.

I'll take a look.

Let you know what happens.

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