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Dien Rice
August 15, 2014, 06:47 PM
Hi Dien,

Thanks for posting.

As I read your post I thought, this would be a fantastic idea for my city.

Read the post...

WHOOPS! He IS in my city.

Hmm proven market, and he's not doing much with the business.;)
Hi Duane,

You STILL can do something with the business... Why let a proven money maker go to waste? :)

You would definitely have the ability to make something like this successful!

First, you could do the same thing as him... Though, you could also "twist" the idea.

As a local, you know there are places locals love to go, that only the locals know. These places are usually different from the "tourist" places. They could be locally known hang outs, meeting places, or just places where the locals know "stuff happens"...

For example, when I was growing up as a teenager, there were known places that teens would "make out" or go for a romantic time in their vehicle of choice. One place was on the edge of a large public park, where there were a lot of parking spaces... If you drove there late at night, you'd see a lot of cars with steamed-up windows! Another place was a spot on the edge of the city, at the top of a small mountain, where you could park and see the carpet of lights of the city from your car windscreen. It was another popular "romantic" spot.

Both of these were public places, and certainly could make for potentially popular T-shirts for the right age group...!

My city has a lot of beaches, too (since it's on the ocean). I could imagine individual T-shirts with the names of those beaches would be popular in my town... Especially for people living near those beaches, or who go to those beaches frequently...

Anyway, there are a lot of ways to "spin" this idea to make some extra dollars...

You're connecting with people's "identity," because people "identify" with many local places...

Could be fun to do, too! :)

And try to milk it for all the free publicity you can get when you're just starting out (since it has to be "new" in order to be "news," so your best chance at getting free publicity is right at the beginning)...

Best wishes,


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