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Dien Rice
August 13, 2014, 12:57 PM
This is a fascinating business...

This guy did as the title says. He challenged himself to create a new business, with a new website, in 24 hours, and make at least $100 the first day.

He ended up spending $24, and made $347 the first day!

What was the business?

"Hyperlocal T-shirts" - that is, he designed and sold T-shirts which were very, very local to him. In fact, the T-shirt designs were based on the names of his local subway stations.

Of course, he can keep selling these, making more $ each day, and also add more local T-shirts... And also create other local T-shirt websites...

There's money-making ideas all over the place! Yes, you could do this too...

You can read all of the details at the following link (probably worth saving!)...


Best wishes!


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