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Dien Rice
December 2, 2014, 12:31 AM

Find a building with at least 3 flights of stairs. Walk up and down for as long as you can. Time yourself. If you can only do it for 30 minutes the first day, do it for 35 minutes the next day. Then up it 5 minutes until you get to an hour. Once at the hour count how many times you walk up and down the stairs. Let's say you do it seven times in an hour. When it starts feeling comfortable, pick up the speed. Always try to add one repetition a day until your ass is worn out.

By the time that happens you will see a noticeable difference in girth and weight. Oh yeah, don't take any milk shake breaks :o :o :o
Hi Tom,

Stairs are a great idea... I'm not sure I'd even last 30 minutes! But, I guess everyone's gotta start somewhere...!

I'd have to travel to find a building with 3 sets of stairs, but I could probably do it... (There are a lot of "flat" buildings where I live...)

Thanks for the tip, Tom!


P.S. Whoops! I was looking forward to the milk shake break! ;)

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