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Don Alm
March 9, 2015, 09:06 PM
Yup....one of my "students" has found a way to bring in $1,491 A WEEK!

$1,500 A WEEK....from her computer!

How? By taking one of my projects and .....going forward!

I showed "Megan" how to make videos using PhotoStory 3 .....by going to a Real Estate For sale Site.....grabbing Photos of a property....adding the Realtors Contact Info and...adding Music.... uploading to YouTube" for the ADDRESS of the Property..... then....contacting the Realtor.....telling him/her to "Google" the Address of the Property they are trying to sell and......when they SEE...with their own eyes that.....the Property they've been commissioned to sell.....is on the FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE (for the Address of the Property).....the RE Agent goes "GaGa" and asks "To Whom do I send Payment To?"

No.....hovering....no wondering IF anything WILL be done....it's ALREADY DONE!.....all the RE Agent has to do is....PAY!....to KEEP the Video UP!

You Kiddni' ME! THIS is the most POWERFUL Money-Maker I've found!

So....fast forward to Megan's recent discovery: Go to ZILLOW.COM and click into "FSBOs" (For Sale By Owners) Then.....find FSBOS who have Photos of properties that property owners want to sell.

Right Click and place these Photos into a file on your PC.....then....(we use a free program called PhotoStory3) and make a video and upload to your YT channel and Rank for the STREET ADDRESS ......then, contact the FSBO and tell them YOU have a way for them to "Sell their Property Fast!"

When the FSBO SEES the Video you've made.....their first question is "HOW MUCH"!

We charge $797 per video BUT......IF THEY ORDER (via PayPal invoice we send them)....within the next 24 hours.....it's only $497!

So....."Megan" has been selling THREE (3) of these FSBOs a week for $497ea x 3 = $1,491....for the last 8 weeks!

Thus.....take a look see at Zillow dot com and PhotoStory 3 and see what YOU can do with this!

Don Alm

Note: She tries to stay with houses asking $200,000 or more. She found with lesser priced houses she had to drop to $297 per video

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