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September 6, 2015, 06:29 PM
Thanks Gordon,

Some folks are actually Taking ADVANTAGE of The Movie in Everyones Heads.

For Example:

A few years back I interviewed a waitress
who owns her own Restaurant.

She bought it with CASH.

Cash made from waitressing at a hi end Restaurant in San Francisco.

One of her Methods to SKYROCKET her tips
is to Manipulate how her Patrons VIEW HER Versus Other waitresses.

Most Waitresses or Waiters
bring you your menu, drinks, Entre, main meal, and check
on you once or twice while you eat.


Marcy Manipulates You so You Are AMAZED,
Surprised, pleased and Even SHOCKED by her Performance
compared to ANY other waitress.

Simple really.

If all other waitresses visit your table 10 times during a meal.
Marcy arranges things so she visits you FIFTY TIMES.

At her station BEFORE her shift
Marcy lines up her REASONS WHY for visiting your table.

ketchup - several brands
mustard - several brands
tea - several brands
Water -
Bottled water - 10 different brands
on and on and on

AS Your MEAL goes on The Main Topic of Conversation
soon Changes to Marcy and the INCREDIBLE job she is doing.

Marcy makes 1000's in tips a day

The Other Waitresses do NOT.

(EDITORS NOTE - A commentary on your point Gordon. Marcy has to require
and Fire waitresses at HER OWN RESTAURANT if they DO NOT use her methods.
Many Will NOT DO IT Despite personal Training.
They are **Extremely Uncomfortable** making so much munny.
Some QUIT. Others have to be Fired.)


I started Testing this PERCEPTION OF VALUE idea with my website VIP Buyers.

Each time someone Orders something
I sent them 1, 2, 3, 4 or more Thank you REWARDS.

A F-r-e-e Chapter of a 7 figure referral book.

An idea from another salesman in their same niche

A link to an Ezine in my archive
on their favorite topic

A suggestion on how to customize
what they purchased to their biz.


People are HAPPIER and Order More


P.S. - I am thinking of writing a VOLUME II - follow up
to my original book about HOW Marcy DOES IT. Full of Case Studies
about the Results we get by Adapting her Methods to Sales.


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