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September 6, 2015, 10:52 AM
After 50 years, I embrace the idea of Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz, that our behavior is limited by our self image.

AND, I think most of us have a few chinks in our inner armor which prevents us from acting fully toward our success, mostly from outside opinion.

Success, as most measure it (or think of it) is elusive to the majority. Why?

Because we place so much importance on what others think about us over what we think about ourselves. I'll post some specific examples later, but welcome discussion on the subject.

I've seen it most recently in "selling" and in fact, even attempted to set up a way where the idea of "selling" is less important than the idea of helping other people out,


I think there was a default switch set-off when people had to go out and approach other people, even with a FREE offer.

It appears a built in governor kicked in and most can not overcome their idea of what selling is, and how they perceive salespeople, thus how they think other people perceive them when they are in this selling role...

AND it is a governor they can not overcome. So, they hop back on the treadmill of known and comfortable behavior, albeit, behavior which does not produce the results they want.


Gordon Jay Alexander

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